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UltraSync: A Syncing Solution For The UMPC/Origami



UltrasyncSyncing is one of the bugaboos with any mobile device if you use it as a secondary device. There are methods, but still no completely transparent method. Now there is another syncing tool to take a look at. ImagineLan Inc. has developed UltraSync, a syncing utility designed with the UMPC/Origami in mind scheduled for availability in the third quarter of 2006.

UltraSync 1.0 is a peer-to-peer PC synchronization application for synchronizing files, folders, Outlook® email, and Internet favorites between an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) and a desktop or notebook PC (“partner PC”) via wired or wireless LAN. UltraSync is profile-based, allowing users to select the specific files and folders to be synced. Folder selections can be filtered by age, file type and the inclusion/exclusion of subfolders. Additionally, users can sync their Outlook folders and browser favorites.


  • File/Folder sync
  • Outlook folder sync (messages, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.)
  • Browser favorites sync
  • Sync Selection Profile Editor
  • Deletion Tracking
  • Overwritten/Deleted file recovery
  • AutoSync (automatically start sync process when UMPC and partner PC are connected via wired/wireless LAN)
  • Skin Selector (decorative skin selection for the UltraSync UI)
  • Check out UltraSync here.

    Hat Tip to  Ultra Mobile PC Tips

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