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Ultrasync Released



UltrasyncWe mentioned Ultrasync awhile back. Well apparently it is now available. Syncing data beween computers is always an issue for mobile warriors on the go. imagineLan has just released Ultrasync v1 which allows you to sync data between computers.

UltraSync v1 is a peer-to-peer, bi-directional PC synchronization application for synchronizing files, folders, Outlook® email, and Internet favorites between an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) and a desktop or notebook PC (“partner PC”) via wired or wireless LAN. UltraSync is profile-based, allowing users to select the specific files and folders to be synced. Folder selections can be filtered by age, file type and the inclusion/exclusion of subfolders. Additionally, users can sync their Outlook folders and browser favorites.

I love the word “additionally” in that last line of the description as syncing Outlook data is one of the primary concerns of most users. I might lead with that. No matter. The focus of the release is on syncing for UMPCs but Ultrasync can do the job for any mobile device including Tablet PCs.

Hat Tip to Ultra Mobile PC Tips where CTitanic also notes that UltraSync will be shipping on the new Sony UX280P. Hmmm? Interesting.


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