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Umm.. Tablet PCs??



There isn’t much to say on this…  but get your words right if you are going to post an article like this one.  It caught my attention, but these being classified as Tablet PCs???  Somebody needs to do a little more research or understand what the products actually are…

This is from the article labeled: 2007 Top Ten: Techs That Flopped

10. Tablet PCs
Two of the biggest cellphone makers, Nokia Corp. (NYSE: NOK – message board) and Palm Inc. , tried to break into this market and ended up falling flat on their faces. Palm ditched its Foleo device only months after initially promoting it as a groundbreaking new product.

Nokia, meanwhile, in what some analysts called a sign of weakness, tried to jumpstart sales of its high-end business phones by going around the traditional distribution channels of cellphone carriers and selling them directly to consumers.

In both cases, tablet PCs were a bitter pill to swallow.

Foleo?? Tablet PC?????

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