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UMPC and Free The Teacher



This is an interesting story from UltraMobile that will be worth following. A teacher is using a UMPC to cut down on the paperwork he needs to send home with his students for their parents to review. Here’s a snippet from UltraMobile that explains it better than I can.

Dughall McCormick appears to be involved in early years education in the UK. In an effort to reduce his reliance on paper, post-it notes, and other tools he has switched to using a UMPC to help him compile e-portfolios for the children to share with their parents. Mr. McCormick has hopes that the utility of the UMPC will help him to reduce the distractions that the traditional forms of documentation have caused to him. He is calling this UMPC project Free the Teacher and has put together a fascinating blog documenting his experiment into mobility.

Mr. McCormick has selected the PaceBlade P8 as his weapon of choice, primarily for the front facing webcam that he will use to take photos and video of the kids.

Here’s a link to the blog Free The Teacher.

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