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UMPC and MID Info Coming from CeBit 2008



GigabytecebitnewsCeBit 2008 is just around the corner and information is starting to come out about UMPCs and MIDs ahead of the show. Both jkkmobile and UMPCPortal’s Steve “Chippy” Paine look they are heading to CeBit so I’m sure we’ll see lots of great coverage from both of them. (I hope they have time to do some podcasting as I enjoyed their week of podcasts during CES.) Both of these intrepid bloggers are already running some info on GigaByte’s UMPCs and MIDS that will be shown off at the show.

I’m hoping CeBit will help us advance the story on MIDs that kicked off during CES, as we’re still a few months away from these new devices being available.


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