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UMPC Portal and the HTC Shift



IMG_5391[1] Chippy has really been hitting the HTC Shift hard the past week or so.  If you’ve missed any of the coverage, head over to some of these links below.  Its been fun to watch as he tries different things with the unit.  The keyboard to me seems to be a little small for my big hands, but it seems like Chippy is getting used to it as well.  One thing that some users (Like me with Cingular) will like is that he is reporting that the HSDPA works like a dream on the Shift.  Read more below:

UMPC News : HTC Shift saving my bacon.

UMPC News : HTC Shift. HSDPA performs well. Video playback too.

UMPC News : HTC Shift testing. Hacking. Breaking. Videos. images. Opinions

UMPC News : HTC Shift gallery.

UMPC News : HTC Shift Unboxing

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