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Under a Week to Go Until Nokia Unveils ‘Market Disrupting Device’



Nokia is slated to take the stage at Nokia Connection on June 21st–and no, we have confirmed with Nokia representatives that the event will not be replacing Nokia World as previously was speculated over at My Nokia Blog–to announce a ‘new market disrupting device.’ It’s unclear if the reference is made towards a new Nokia MeeGo device, which the company had shied away support for post-Windows Phone 7 partnership, or if Nokia intends to show off early prototypes of its Windows Phone 7 designs. Perhaps, multiple announcements may be made as the company says that they will ‘showcase the latest and newest devices and services to customers, operators, media and analysts from the region.’

New Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had referred to MeeGo previously as the ‘future disruption in mobile ecosystem,’ leading many to believe that a MeeGo announcement is likely.

Earlier this month at the MeeGo Conference in San Francisco, California, Nokia did not debut a new MeeGo smartphone as was previously thought. Two possible names for the MeeGo handset include the Nokia N9 and Nokia N950. The N950 would be an extension of the Nokia N900, which ran the Maemo operating system and was released with support for T-Mobile USA’s network in the U.S. Nokia had subsequently folded its Maemo OS with Intel’s Moblin OS to form the MeeGo OS, an ambitious project to compete against the rise of Android at the time. However, Nokia had scaled down commitment to MeeGo since it announced it partnership with Microsoft to release Windows Phone 7 handsets, which are expected to come later this year.

Via: The Nokia Blog

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