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Unevil Google Does Right, Refunds Nexus 7 Accessory’s Outrageous Shipping Fees



In a move to prove Oracle’s Larry Ellison wrong, Google shows that it is not evil and is doing the right thing by refunding the outrageously high shipping cost on the single accessory for the 2013 Nexus 7 right now in the Play Store. The accessory is a $30 priced zippered folio sleeve for the 7-inch slate.

Initially, shipping for the tablet was available only in excess of $17 for two-day shipping. Coupled with state sales taxes, the $30 accessory for the $230 Nexus 7 tablet would cost in excess of $50 for many buyers.

However, in response to consumer outrage, Google had gone on to send out emails to early adopters of the accessory stating that it was going to refund the shipping costs, including any taxes on shipping. Google now also offers other lower cost shipping alternatives as well that are more reasonable for an accessory priced at just $30.


These options include a Saver option for delivery in five to ten days at $3.99 and a Ground shipping option for three to five days for $7.99. The cost for two-day shipping has also dropped to just $11.99.

The move may go a long way for Google to re-instill faith in the company after some high profile missteps along the way, including encountering privacy issues when it collected WiFi addresses in its mapping process a few years ago, a battle with Oracle over the use of Java source code in Android, and being perhaps a not so innocent bystander in Apple’s thermonuclear war against Android licensees. More recently, to add to the woes, the Nexus 7 may have some glitches as well, including potentially poor build quality, GPS flaws, and a touchscreen defect.

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