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University of Chicago paper on Lenovo and Tablet PC



Richard Kohanzakay, a graduate student with the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, interviewed me for a paper he and his class were writing on Lenovo and Tablet PCs. We spent about an hour talking about the state of the market, Lenovo, perceived barriers, and market segmentation.

They have finished their paper and have given me permission to make it available to you via this PDF. This paper is chock full of sales data, survery information, stats, observations, and conclusions. The thrust of the paper is to assess the market potential for Lenovo’s tablet pc in the US, given the core competencies of Lenovo and IBM, the adoption rate for the tablet pc, and competitors capabilties.

They have done a fine job in assessing the current market place.  There are a couple of items that I don’t agree with or were not stated correctly, but overall, it is a very fine paper. Enjoy!


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