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Unsafe iPhone Users Driving Me Crazy



There’s no question that using two hands to drive is safer than one, but apparently a lot of people still seem to have missed the memo. California is one of many states where it’s unlawful to hold a mobile phone to your ear while driving. Most seem to be abiding by the relatively new handsfree law, but a lot of them seem to have forgotten about that pesky law that forbids them from driving with earbuds in both ears.

While on highway 280 I noticed a driver ahead of me seemed a little distracted. When I stopped next to the car on an offramp in Palo Alto I discovered why. Not only did she have both ears plugged, but she was using her right hand to hold the microphone closer to her mouth. I assume at some point she was switching between her coffee mug and her mic from time to time.

I kept an eye out for the rest of the day and noticed three more drivers with iPhone headsets plugged into both ears. I can only hope that all of them were talking and not listening to music.



  1. Patrick Perez

    05/03/2010 at 5:58 pm

    I live in Los Angeles and I noticed the hands-free law had a drastic effect on reducing the incidence of handset use, which continues (I think its going on two years now, but I may be mistaken about how long). I do regularly notice people still using handsets, and I notice a strong correlation between use and cost of the car. Which is to say people who likely couldn’t afford a wireless kit aren’t (mostly) the ones using their handset, it is the up market vehicles (When I bought my 2006 Acura TSX I described it as a $30K bluetooth headset ). And of course, the cheapest option is to simply not use the phone while driving. How quickly people have forgotten that for nearly 100 years, using a telephone in a car wasn’t even possible, and they seemed to get along fine.

    Of course, the stupidest thing I ever saw while driving was a middle aged man in a mid-series Mercedes sedan eating a bowl of cereal while driving. The kind of thing you expect to be done by a teen.


  2. ChrisRS

    05/04/2010 at 8:48 am

    “I can only hope that all of them were talking and not listening to music.”

    I hope they are listening to music and not talking on the phone. My understanding is the talking on the phone is much more distracting and most Law enforcement agencies reccomend against it.

    In general, I am with you. Loud music, ear phones and telphoines make for unsafe drivers.

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