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Update 2: Vista SP1 Install Issues – Still not there…



OK – So last night I tried again….  failed again.  This time I watched it.  I got to the point where it was installing 3 of 3 – then it went to reboot, made it to the scrolling Vista screen – and then went black.  Nothing happened and I waited for a while – No HD activity at all.

Today I am doing another backup and going to try again.  I looked at the Thnk Vantage update and there were a couple of drivers and a new BIOS I needed to update…  maybe one of those is the issue.  Let’s hope so – I wouldn’t think this would be so hard.  Remember there could also be something that I don’t have installed or a driver that is different from the factory install from Lenovo.  This was a clean install using mostly Intel and non Lenovo drivers.  I have checked and have the most up to date drivers on everything else…  It’s like a mission now to get SP1 installed on this x61t!!

I can say this… Vista recovery is working like a champ – Too bad I am becoming an expert in the recovery procedure :)

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