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Update: Matt – 0 / Vista SP1 – 4



vista-default-boot-screen That’s the score from this weekend.

OK, so I give up for this weekend.  After 4 tries this weekend and 4 system restores I am giving up till next weekend.  I have work to do and I have been doing fine without SP1.  But, Geeze should it really be this hard?  I know others have installed it with no problems on their x61 Tablet PC’s but for some reason it’s giving me fits.  I might do a little searching and see if I notice anything pop up this week on TechNet or any other site with people having the same problem as I am having.

I don’t really know what to say – It looks like it is going to work, but after one of the reboots it goes to the Windows Boot Screen (As shown in the image in the post) then the screen goes blank – just black – no HDD activity – nothing – nada.  This time I let it sit there for over an hour before I pushed the power button. 

I’ll try to even the score next weekend, but till then – no SP1 for me.

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