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Update on Dell Latitude XT Gridding Issue



I’ve been working with Dell some more on this gridding issue from last week. Dell feels that there is something physically wrong with my screen. I should not be seeing as much of the underlying grid as I am. In fact, as I’m typing this post up there is a window to my back with the sun shining in – the grid is very visible.

So, Dell is sending out a replacement screen which should be here tomorrow or Thursday. As is standard practice, a service tech will come by to install it. So, I should know pretty quickly if my old screen was out of whack.

I’ve also been posting other items that have reared up over in the Dell forum. Most of the problems look like driver issues. For example, if I reboot my tablet while docked and have an external monitor set as my primary monitor, an N-Trig error dialog box will display upon start up. This does not happen on normal boot. Another issue is some weird pen behavior that shows up intermittently.

InkShow production is in progress. Stay tuned. I hope to have my first one posted sometime tomorrow. It’ll be a focus on the pen, ink, and touch.

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