Update On Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

Over the past week, I’ve been working behind the scenes with various representatives from Dell regarding the well-publicized issues of the Latitude XT.

I just finished a conference call with them with regards to where things stand, and they wanted to communicate the following to everyone:

  • Dell is aware of the complaints concerning the Latitude XT Tablet PC / drivers, and they are looking into the details.
  • They are examining customer units that have been returned
  • They will be sharing more information once it becomes available.
  • Stay tuned to GottaBeMobile

I have pointed them to the communities excellent N-Trig initiative paper and told them that it should be their working paper on all the issues concerning the XT.  I also reiterated to them that these issues have been going on for close to two years, so the issues we have been bringing up should not be of any surprise to Dell, Microsoft, or N-Trig.

I would encourage people who are experiencing issues with their Latitude XT to get a support case established.

I’ll share more when I have more information to pass along.