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Update on my iPhone



iPhone For those of you following along at home, I bought an Apple iPhone 16GB last Sunday. With my extensive 1 week of experience, I thought I’d give a quick update.

I love it. :)

My definition of a really great mobile device is: Any device that does what you want it to do. Now, since different people want different things out of their mobile devices, that creates both some creative designs and some heated debates. For me, the iPhone does what I want it to do, at least 98% of the time. Thus far my only complaints have been the problem with sending email through Yahoo Small Business accounts and no good way to post to GBM. However, the rich Internet experience more than makes up for those inconveniences.

I took a 3-day weekend vacation this weekend. I took my iPhone, my AT&T 8525, and my Fujitsu P1610. The 8525 I never turned on. I actually didn’t intend to take it but I forgot and left it in my purse. The P1610 was my safety blanket. I was glad I had it since I had to repost my iLiad InkShow and I could do that with just a simple button click from the backup on that system. I also took my iPhone. It was my constant companion. I used it extensively over the weekend to check business hours, get dinner reservations, waste time, compare prices from the shops, you name it. I felt like a commercial. This was exactly the usage model that I envisioned from a UMPC, only I got it from my iPhone. I never used even 50% of the battery in a day. This is exactly what I would hope for this kind of device. My husband was impressed with what I could do with the iPhone, even if he does think I’m obsessed right now. He’s probably right.

Good technology is technology that does what you want it to do. And the iPhone seems to be fitting my needs very nicely.

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