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Update on that Google Mobile Voice Search App



Lots of hullabaloo on Friday about Google bringing voice search to the iPhone. Friday came and went, the blogs and media all jumped, and yet, no app appeared in the iPhone store. What’s up?

Tough to say. Speculation runs the gamut of Apple playing stupid games with Google, the way they have with some other developers, to the app not being ready at the last minute. It is interesting that Google released a flood of PR on the app on Friday, so I’d discount the later, and of course everything from Google is, say it with me now-Beta.

The intriguing side of this, from my view, is that Google didn’t have to release this on the iPhone first. They could have done so with the T-Mobile G1. On some levels that would have put Apple behind the 8-ball.

Michael Arrington reports that sources say this will most likely go away on Monday as the app will roll out then.

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