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Update on the Crunchpad



Mike Arrington appeared on the Gilmore Gang and gave a quick update on the CrunchPad. Arrington says his costs are in the high $200 range and will sell for $300 to $400.

“The CrunchPad is steam-rolling along,” Arrington said. “Costs keep coming down. We’ve been working entirely on the software for the past month, trying to make it perfect to get it to market.”

Arrington sidestepped Robert Scoble’s question about how he thinks the CrunchPad will compete with Apple’s future tablet. While Arrington is positioning the CrucnhPad as a pretty simple device, he says he hopes Apple will produce a high-end slate. The truth of the matter is that mainstream consumers would choose an Apple tablet over a Crunchpad in a heartbeat, even if there’s a price premium.

Arrington said he thinks they’ll sell 10’s of millions of Crunchpads in the next few years.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video below, head over to YouTube to skip to the CrunchPad portion of the conversation. Or just skipt to about 38:50 in the player below.

Thanks to Chippy from UMPC Portal for the link.

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