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Update On Vista Install on the Asus R2H



The adventure continues with some progress. I managed to get the Finger Print reader to work last night and it works for logging into Windows. It occasionaly works if I use it to log into a website and occasionaly does not, which is curious.

I did install some updated Intel chipset drivers as suggested on Dan Dar’s blog. Most installed fine. A few of the USB drivers reported that I already had the most current version available. No real difference noted after started the drivers yet, but it is still early in testing to see if this is of benefit. Others have reported that these updates keep the wireless from dropping out. I’ve had that problem with both XP and Vista, but it is too early to tell if this solves the issue.

Interesting software note. The NY Times Reader will crash periodically for reasons I haven’t tracked down yet, which is a major disappointment for me, as I really enjoy this application. I hope I can get that sorted out.

Thanks to all those who have commented or sent suggestions. I’m trying them all out as time permits and will keep reporting along the way. It is great that we have so many working to solve the issues. Not so great that it has to be done that way. Asus you listening?

UPDATE: Apparently after installing the Intel Chipset drivers I mentioned above, GPS is now working using Microsoft Streets & Trips 2007. I gave it another go late this afternoon and all seems fine. I do have to activate the GPS separately it seems and not from within the S&T program.


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