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Updates on Maggie Bushway



This is a brief update on Maggie Bushway. Rob, Kathi, Maggie, and the entire Bushway family are very grateful for the well wishes and comments folks in the community are passing along during this very difficult time.  Maggie is now at St. Louis Childrens Hospital and is undergoing some very rigorous and aggressive procedures to try and bring her seizures under control. I don’t think any of us can imagine what the Bushway family is going through. Rob is issuing updates when he can on his personal blog, Rob Again, Rob says the best way for you to send along your support and well wishes is to leave a comment on the posts on his personal blog and that he will be reading these to Maggie.

All of us here at GBM are watching, waiting, and praying for Maggie and her family as they continue their ordeal. Your comments, prayers, and well wishes mean a lot, folks, so keep them coming. A special nod to good friend, James Kendrick, for the lovely poem he published on jkOnTheRun.


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