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Updating the Top Tablet PC Apps In My Tablet PC Toolbox



Before I joined up with the GottaBeMobile Gang I used to periodically update my list of Top 10 Tablet PC apps that I use everyday on Life On The Wicked Stage: Act 2. I haven’t done an update to the list in awhile, but I have updated the toolbox. So here’s a fresh look at the Top Tablet PC Apps in My Tablet PC Tooblox.

The list starts out with three must haves.

TEO3Be10Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO 3.0). The last time I updated this list TEO 2.0 was among the must haves. Its successor TEO 3.0 was on the beta horizon, and it’s release is now imminent enough that 3.0 takes the place of 2.0. An amazingly powerful add-in for Outlook, Josh Einstein has created an application that I’m guessing for some will become their sole note-taking application. This is a must have.

ActiveWords and the ActiveWords InkPad. If Tablet PCs put the personal back into personal computing, ActiveWords gives you the ultimate flexibility to do customize your interaction with a Tablet PC like no other app. With the InkPad, it makes working in slate mode a breeze. If you haven’t tried out ActiveWords you don’t know what you are missing. A must have.

UsingInkGesturesSmallInkGestures. Loren Heiny and JumpingMinds document editing add-in for Microsoft Word is a transformative application that makes it easy to edit a Word document or an Outlook email (if you’re using Word as your editor) with a pen. This is a must have.


New To the Toolbox

OneNote 2007 (beta) has replaced OneNote 2003 in my toolbox as well as a couple of other utilites. This is my primary note-taking application and the new features of OneNote 2007 make this one of the most unique applications for any computer. I’d love to see the Windows Desktop Search feature in the Office 2007 Beta fixed real soon now so I can take advantage of that feature with more ease, but that aside, OneNote 2007 will  remain in the Toolbox. OneNote 2007 also replaces two tools previously on the list: The SendToOneNote Powertoy and Fit-Width Print. The first editions of OneNote 2003 did not have a built in print function this now exists and it also scales the printing appropriately, so I do not need to the Fit-Width Print add-in, I had used previously.

Pdn26_seattle_thumbPaint.NET 2.63. A really well done image and photo manipulation tool that in many instances can give PhotoShop a run for its money. Better yet, it is free.

TipX by is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that allows you to ink directly into Excel worksheets. With a number of different recogniton factors this makes a quick inking of data more possible than it was before.

Still in the Toolbox.

Inkyboard. Charlie Cassidy’s nifty tool allows you to create a white board and ink away to your heart’s content. But that’s not all. You can adjust the translucency of the whiteboard and overlay it on just about anything making notes/drawings/markups as you need to and save the overlay. Great tool. It doesn’t work with OneNote 2007 and I hope Charlie is considering an update for this soon. Hint. Hint.

MindManager Pro 6.0. Simply put, an awesome mind-mapping tool with more features than I have had time to discover. I use this extensively to brainstorm and for that alone it is an awesome tool.

Snipping Tool 2.0 and/or Snag-It. Again, one free, one not. The Snipping Tool is free with the Microsoft Experience/Expansion Pack. Snag-It does require a payment. If you’re on a budget the Snipping Tool can handle your screen capture needs just fine. Snag-It is like the Snipping Tool on steroids when it comes to capturing data and outputting it. One advantage to the Snipping Tool, it is built to handle INK.

ArtrageInk Art 1.3 and Alias Sketchbook Pro. Two versions, one free, one not. One very capable. One even more so. Ink Art is contained in the Microsoft Experience/Expansion pack an is a great painting tool. Alias Sketchbook Pro takes it one step further (there are some differences between the two.)Both are excellent art programs and excellent ink programs. Note: There is another version of InkArt 1.3 by Ambient Design known as ArtRage 2 which adds features and of course adds cost as well, but at $19.95 it is certainly a great value.

PdfannotatorPDF Annotator. It does just what the title says, letting you annotate a pdf document. Handy. Essential.

GottaBeMobile Inkshows of the above applications.



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