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Upgrading the LS800



I upgraded the ram on the LS800 this past Friday. In between the two hours it took me, I also called John Hill of Allegiance Technology Partners and asked him to help me figure out how get the back off without cracking it. I don’t recommend that you do this upgrade.  It is not meant to be user-servicable and it will void your warranty.

I did it because I was cheap and didn’t want to spend the extra $300 for a gig of ram that I could buy from Crucial for $150. It took me about two hours to do the upgrade, though: remove the back of the tablet, swap out the ram, and reassemble it. I was sweating the entire time, scared that I was going to crack the plastic. It is that delicate of an operation.

It is not meant to be a user-servicable upgrade, but it should be user servicable. With the next release of the LS800, Motion needs to fix that. Give us a plate to unscrew off the back and let us swap out the memory – easily. While we are on the subject – why in the world does Motion spec out a 256mb LS800? Are they honestly going to sell one of those? Listing a 256mb LS800 is like listing a convertible sports car with square wheels for sale at a cheap price – you can buy one cheap and it’ll run, but you won’t be able to go anywhere in it.

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