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UPS Christmas Shipping: 5 Tips to Get Your Packages on Time



UPS Christmas shipping is in full swing and the company is on track to deliver over 34 million packages today, December 22nd, but many customers are still waiting for their holiday deliveries.

In order to deliver over 30 million packages on one day and to make sure that your UPS Christmas shipping plans to go along without any major disruptions.

For all the planning that UPS puts into the Christmas shipping timeline and logistics, there are inevitably some problems that users will run into. We want to help you figure out how to get those packages even if they miss the original delivery date.

Learn the UPS Christmas Shipping tips you need to make sure you get your packages.

Learn the UPS Christmas Shipping tips you need to make sure you get your packages. Tupungato /

The Wall Street Journal reports that UPS instituted a new Next Generation Sort Aisle that helps workers process 15% more packages a day. This new UPS sorting method removes the need for workers to memorize 120 zip codes to route a package. At the three hubs where this new system is in place, workers scan the package to determine where it goes. UPS also hires as many as 95,000 temporary workers to help handle this massive amount of packages.

Too many packages and not enough workers aren’t the only threats to on time UPS Christmas shipping. Bad weather can also quickly foul up plans to deliver packages in time for Christmas. UPS meteorologist Randy Baker told CNN Money about the biggest nightmare which he describes as a, “big snow or ice storm at one of our hubs.” The UPS and FedEx meteorologists spend countless hours monitoring the weather to make sure packages will not end up stuck miles from their new homes on Christmas.

Some users are already complaining about rescheduled deliveries and unfortunately there is no guarantee for most packages. UPS writes, “The guarantee is suspended for UPS Ground and UPS Standard packages picked up or scheduled for delivery between Dec. 11 and Dec. 24.”

5 Tips for UPS Christmas Shipping

Even with all this planning, you can use our five tips to do your part to make sure that UPS Christmas shipping doesn’t ruin your holiday. With a little work on your part you can track your packages easier and even re-route them if needed.

Use UPS My Choice

With USP My Choice, you can quickly and easily track all of your packages. You can do this online or on your iPhone or Android using the UPS app. You can sign up for UPS My Choice online and with your address UPS can now send you alerts when a package is on the way to your house.

This is the first step, as you’ll get better timelines for your deliveries. Instead of all day, you typically get a three-hour window, which is much easier to get to. You can also pay $40 a year plus a $5 per use fee to set a 2 hour delivery window.

Re-Route Packages

You can use UPS My Choice to re-route a package. This is handy if you need to move a delivery from one address to another this will help you get the package where it needs to be. There is often a one-day delay on this option, so it will not help you get a package on Christmas Eve every time, but it could help you get a package destined for your address on the way to the recipient’s home.

This is $5 to use when you are a free member and it is free to use if you are a paid member of UPS My Choice. You will see this as an option when you look at the item in UPS My Choice online or in the app.

Sign for Packages Online

You can even sign for packages online if you can’t be at home for the delivery. This is incredibly handy for anyone who is still working while UPS Christmas shipping is underway.

You can sign online for a package so you don’t need to be home. You will see this option in the app for packages that need a signature. This can prevent the need to go to a UPS location to pick up packages.

This will likely remove the liability of the delivery from UPS to you, so you should make sure that the package will not sit in an area where someone might steal it.

Deliver to a UPS Store

Instead of driving to a UPS freight location, which may be far away, you can also use this feature to hold at a specific UPS location or deliver to a UPS Retail Location. The deliver to retail location will cost $5, but it may be much closer than another location. You can find these online and in the apps.

Tweet for Help

If all else fails, you can ask USP for help on Twitter. You can send a tweet to @UPSHelp to get quick help for your service problems. This team cannot move mountains, but they can help track down packages when normal means fail.

Reach out and be ready to offer the tracking number and other information. In the past this helped us locate several packages delivered to a neighbor’s house and another one that was simply misplaced and delayed.

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1 Comment

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