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USA vs Germany: Live Stream to Watch World Cup 2014 at Work



The USA vs Germany live stream is how many fans will watch the most important World Cup 2014 match yet, for the United States Mens National Soccer Team.

The USA vs Germany World Cup game takes place during the day, which means most U.S. Fans are stuck at work. Although the US head coach posted an official excuse form to give to your boss, an informal survey suggests many fans will need to watch the USA vs Germany game at work.

Flooding in Recife can’t stop Jermaine Jones and the US team from taking the pitch to play Germany for a chance to advance to the next round.

If you don’t have cable at work, or your boss won’t let you sit in the break room for two hours to watch the USA vs Germany World Cup match you can use a computer, iPad, Android tablet or pretty much any device with a screen to find at least one USA vs Germany  live stream, even if you don’t have a cable subscription.

Many fans will need to watch the USA vs Germany live stream at work.

Many fans will need to watch the USA vs Germany live stream at work.

If you want to watch the USA vs Germany match you can use these 5 World Cup apps to follow the action.

The USA vs Germany game will decide if the US team advances. Ideally they need a win, but if they tie Germany they will also make it into the next round. There are several other World Cup scenarios that would allow USA to advance even if they lose, but it depends heavily on how Portugal performs.

USA vs Germany Start Time & Flooding in Recife

The USA vs Germany match starts at 12PM Eastern and 9AM Pacific. Unless you can pull off an extended lunch, you may need to watch it at work.

There was concern that the USA vs Germany game would be delayed due to flooding in Recife, but FIFA confirmed the game will go on, even though there are reports that travel to the stadium is treacherous.

The pitch is wet, which will change how the USA and Germany play the game and could make for an interesting match.

USA vs Germany Live Stream

There are three main ways to watch the USA vs Germany game live from work. If you or a co-worker has a cable subscription you can use the Watch ESPN App on iPad, iPhone or Android to watch. You can also watch on your computer by going to You will need to enter your cable company account details to use this option. If you subscribe to most carriers, other than DirecTV this is the easiest way to watch the USA vs Germany match at work.

The USA vs Germany match decides if the U.S. Mens National Team advances.

The USA vs Germany match decides if the U.S. Mens National Team advances.

Univision will also offer a USA vs Germany live stream that brings the action to your iPhone, iPad, Android or work computer. Univision offers many free streams, but for some games it will require a login just like Watch ESPN. Thankfully it includes DirecTV on the list of supported providers.

Univision is in Spanish, so you may need to mute the match and follow along with your eyes. You can also watch the game USA vs Germany on Univision and listen to an English commentary by using the ESPN radio match to listen to USA vs Germany while you watch the Spanish stream.

If neither of these is an option you can also make it look like your iPad, iPhone, Android or work computer is in another country where the streams are free. It is not a good idea to change the network settings on your work computer, but if you have an iPad or Android tablet this could be a good option.

Watch the USA vs Germany live stream from work.

Watch the USA vs Germany live stream from work.

To use this option you will need a free UnoTelly account and to follow the instructions in the video below. You can also check out our guide to watching the World Cup free for more details on how this works.

All of these options will offer a USA vs Germany  live stream of the match when it starts at noon. You can likely see pre-game coverage starting a half hour before the match starts.



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