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USB EV-DO comes out to play



CDU550-2Here is a good bit of news for those on the Sprint network and needing a USB EV-DO solution. Franklin Wireless has just announced a USB Modem with EV-DO support, currently only available on the Sprint network. Here is a link to their press release..

No word on pricing, but you can pick it up through Sprint later this month. As the year rolls on, I fully expect to see more companies announcing portable EV-DO solutions that address USB, compact flash, and Express Card slots. This is definitely good news for those who own or are looking to own an Origami device, or ultra portable Tablet PCs like the Motion Computing LS800 or Fujitsu P1510D.

UPDATE: has some hands on shots of this new USB EV-DO accessory.

Here are the  specs.

Radio Frequency:   Band Class 0: 800MHz
(RX: 869 ~ 894MHz TX: 824 ~ 849MHz)
Band Class 1: 1900MHz
(RX: 1930.0~1989.95, TX: 1850.0~1909.95)
RX Sensitivity: Nominal -106dBm  
Dimensions:   Size: 88×41×8mm Weight: 21gram  
Environmental:   Storage : -30 ~ +75?, Operating : -20 ~ +50? 
 Power Consumption:   CDMA Typical <300mA,
Sleep < 4mA
Operation Voltage: 5VDC (USB V-bus)  
Data Options:   Packet data(1x and EVDO Release 0), ASYNC data, Quick Net Connect 
Data Rate:   1xRTT: Forward / Reverse Link: Up to 153Kbps EVDO: Forward Link: Up to 2.4Mbps, Reverse Link: Up to 153Kbps  
Hardware Interface:   USB Type A, USB 1.1 and 2.0   
Software Interface:   IS-707 AT command set and extended AT command set IS-683A compliant , IOTA and OTA  
OS Support:   Windows 2000, Windows XP
MAC and Linux

Via MarketWire

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