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USB PCMCIA Adapter now available for sale!

Any eo, Q1, LS800, or P1510D users missing their EV-DO card due to no PCMCIA slot? Well, it appears that your wait might be over. AllTP.com is selling a USB to PCMCIA Card Adapter and has certified it to work with the following wireless modem cards ( see below from AllTP.com):

Most PCMCIA wireless modem cards are compatible; check the list below to find out whether yours is included or contact us for advice. Please note that the unique hardware design of this unit has been developed especially for these types of wireless modems, so other card types are not supported. It does not support memory cards.

  • PC5220 – Cingular, Verizon
  • PC5740 – Verizon
  • Kyocera Wireless Passport KPC650 – Verizon
  • Novatel Wireless S620 / V620  – Sprint, Verizon
  • Novatel Wireless U730 – Cingular
  • Sierra Wireless Aircard 580 – Sprint
  • According to the Allp.com website, they are currently taking backorders for delivery in June. They are selling for $199.90

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