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Use Pen Attention To Show Your Cursor



cursor Any teachers out there using their Tablet PC to present material to their class?  Anyone do screen recordings where your pen gets lost? (I can see this working for us during InkShows).  If so, there is a new program called Pen Attention and it’s a free program to help your cursor get noticed.  This small application sits in your system tray ready to be activated – or deactivated.

After lots of searching around for ways to change the pen cursor to no avail, I finally (after 5 years!) got the idea to make my own program to highlight the cursor. A few afternoons of hacking later, and the result is PenAttention v1.0. This program draws a circle highlight, pencil, or pointer at the location of the pen, when the pen is detected on the screen.

Only tested so far on WACOM – let us know if it works on others!!  Thanks to Eliot for the heads up!

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