Use ScanPST To Fix Corrupt Outlook Data Files

If you’ve seen that pesky balloon pop up that tells you that an Outlook 2007 data file did not close properly and it needs to be scanned for errors, you know how initially terrifying that little message an be. Sometimes the automatic scan fixes the issue and life moves on. You can even continue to work in Outlook while the automatic scanning is taking place, although things will move a bit slowly, and if you shut down Outlook while it is being scanned, of course it all begins anew the next time you open up Outlook.

ScanpstIf you see the warning balloon pop up frequently, then you might need to take some more corrective action to repair things. Outlook includes a file that will do the trick, if you can find it. It is called ScanPST. Usually it is located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12.

When you open ScanPST it asks you for the file you wish to scan, and of course the next trick is knowing where your .pst files are stored. Mine are stored in C:\Warner Crocker\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook. I know some users move their archive files to other locations.

Once you locate the files you simply run the program and it will report if you have any errors or not an then ask if you want them fixed. Note that if you have multiple archive.pst files you should run this on them as well. In my first pass at the program I only ran it on my outlook.pst file, and the errors were still being reported when opening Outlook. A quick run thru with the various archive.pst files and I’m opening and closing Outlook 2007 without an issue at the moment.