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Use Your iPhone 4 for Science with Mini Microscope



Mini Microscope is an attachment for the iPhone 4 that will allow you to use your Apple smartphone to conduct science experiments. The attachment comes with a 60X zoom lens and dual-LED lights to turn your iPhone 4 into a mini microscope that can come in handy for those who are working in the field.

At a recent Nokia Musings technology panel in Silicon Valley, Nokia had invited researchers from Stanford University and the University of California, Berkeley to talk about the intersection of technology and humanity. Those researchers, who used Nokia smartphones and outfit those devices with their own custom lens solutions to create their own mini microscopes, say that the quality of their miniature microscopes are almost as good as more expensive and bulkier systems in the lab, but are a lot cheaper and more portable. With mobile labs enabled by high-powered smartphones scientists can rapidly obtain results without having to send their data to a lab, which can save time and resources.

If the iPhone 4’s kit offers similar results as the Nokia solutions, this may help field researchers and scientists in remote areas obtain, gather, and analyze data relatively inexpensively. Unlike the custom Nokia solutions that research scientists had to create, the iPhone 4 kits are commercialized, similar to telescopic lens solutions for a faux DSLR experience on an iPhone, and can be obtained for £29.99,

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