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Use Your Xbox One Controller With a PC Right Now



Microsoft’s Xbox One controller is a modern marvel. Having mostly left the design of the controller alone as it worked to create it from the Xbox 360 controller’s design, last fall the company said that it’d made 200 different prototypes to get it just right. Thanks to an unofficial software hack, now PC users can pair the Xbox One controller with their favorite games too.

The unofficial hack to get the Xbox One controller working on the PC comes by the way of Lucas Asis. He was able to create the unofficial driver by reusing a bit of the PC software that created for the Xbox 360 controller. Users will need to pair it with an app like XPadder to get it working correctly. Asis does note that this is an early release and that users can expect a few hiccups.

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Still, the unofficial Xbox One controller software for PC will come in handy for users who like to game on both their PC and the Xbox One. Interfacing with something as familiar as a console controller makes playing some games on the PC a lot easier for those who aren’t used to playing with a mouse and keyboard.

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To their credit, Microsoft formally announced that they’d bring PC support to the Xbox One controller in some form last year. At the time the company only indicated that it would make this software or hardware available in 2014. Many expected that support to arrive alongside Titanfall which is also enjoying a pretty big release on Windows. Unfortunately, launch has come and gone without so much as a whisper from Microsoft about PC support for the Xbox One controller.

Of course, PC gamers still have tons of options for playing their games with a controller. Mad Catz, Razor and other gaming peripheral companies make their own controllers. There’s also the Xbox 360 controller. Users with a Wired Xbox 360 Controller and simply plug them into their PC. Users with a Wireless Xbox 360 Controller will need to purchase a separate receiver before their controller will work with the Xbox One.

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