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Using a Tablet PC in the theatre



If you follow Warner Crocker’s blog at all, you know that he is one creative guy. When he is not blogging about Tablet PCs, he is operating as the Theatre Director for the Wayside Theatre in Middletown, Va.

Warner has written a great article on how he uses the Tablet PC as a staging tool. Well worth checking out.

A director has already made many decisions before rehearsals start. Most of these start in production meetings where the design concept takes shape. Once a ground plan is decided upon that fits all the requirements of the play, the focus moves onto blocking or staging the scenes. I use my Tablet PC with a scanned in ground plan of the set and one of my favorite tools, InkyBoard, by Charlie Cassidy. Inkyboard is a simple white board application that allows you to take notes, or in this case overlay any image and annotate what is already there. You can adjust the transparency or opacity of InkyBoard to aid in this work.










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