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Using A UMPC/Origami As A Primary Computer



BigbeaksJeffrery Graebner’s desktop is in for repairs. Undaunted, he’s taking advantage of the desktop down time to really give his TabletKiosk eo a real workout as his primary computer. He chronicles the good and the bad in this blog post on He also looks ahead as to what could improve this type of UMPC usage. I love his description of websurfing on the sofa as feeling “a bit decadent.” Wait until he tries stall surfing.

“It really has been great having the eo during this period.  I never could have obtained this level of continuation with a PDA and the UMPC is way more portable than any laptop.  This week has helped me to really see how the UMPC can really help to free my computing activities.”

Well worth a read to see when and how the UMPC can handle one person’s work/play load.

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