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CES 2017

UVify Announces Crazy Fast Racing Drone for $499



The UVify DRACO is a small modular racing drone capable of flying as fast as 100 miles per hour. Aimed at drone racers and users that want to record extreme aerial videography this new drone aims to fill a hole that DJI and Parrot simply can’t touch.

Small and light, the DRACO delivers an incredibly fast video feed without the lag that happens with many other drones. This enables racing and high-speed video recording options.

The UVify racing drone starts at $499.

The UVify racing drone starts at $499.

UVify announced two DRACO models at CES 2017, one aimed at pilots who want to race drones and another at broadcasting which includes an HD downlink.

Check out the UVify Draco overview video below to see what this racing drone is capable of.

The UVify Draco features a modular design so if you crash it while racing or attempting crazy maneuvers you can quickly swap out an arm and motor to get back into the race. There are different setups for different user needs and applications.

You can fly this with a headset that immerses you into the flying experience or with a controller mounted video display. UVify claims that DRACO is the only drone available capable of broadcasting live FPV video in HD with zero latency. In specific configurations that Video is stored locally to keep any footage in the event of a crash.

Close up of the UVify Draco.

Close up of the UVify Draco.

DRACO is ready to fly out of the box with speeds of over 100 miles per hour, a tough and light carbon fiber body and the ability to pull off barrel rolls and flips. Other interesting capabilities include;

INERTIAL MEASUREMENT UNIT: We separated the sensors and flight controller for reducing interference to sensors. Draco’s vibration damper effectively filters high-frequency vibration, lowering the noise that would otherwise interfere with the sensors. We used an IMU with temperature control, so environmental changes have zero impact on your flying experience.

FLIGHT CONTROL: Draco’s internal computer provides you with unrivaled performance. Its anti-vibration functionality ensures the smoothest flight ever experienced in a racing drone, and its temperature control optimizes the inertial measurement unit’s performance. Draco’s modular design makes it easy to upgrade your flight controller for an unparalleled flying experience.

FULL-GRAPHIC ON SCREEN DISPLAY: Drone racing is a video game in the real world. To make an awesome experience, we created a full-graphics OSD with double buffering. With it you can enjoy different text sizes and fonts, as well as clean and readable menus. The OSD gives you the freedom to use a remote controller to set up Draco without a computer in the field.

ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER: Drone flight is now more efficient than ever. Draco’s electronic speed controller is maintained by an algorithm that precisely measures motor function and temperature as you fly, within 1/4000 of a second. Draco’s motor and battery feedback system allows you to maintain consistent RPM until your battery is fully drained, delivering peak performance throughout your flight. Plus, Draco automatically compensates for the effects of motor temperature, another industry first, boosting motor performance and efficiency by 20%.

You can see the DRACO in action in the video above, showing off skilled maneuvers in a forest.

The UVify DRACO is available by the end of Q2 starting at $499.

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