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V-MODA VAMP VERZA Turns Samsung Galaxy S4 Into Mobile HI-Fi System



Samsung recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy S4 in New York. Already we’re seeing a rush of third-party accessories announced, now including the V-MODA VAMP VERZA. The VERZA is an attachment and case combo that turns the Samsung Galaxy S4, the older Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 into a mobile premium hi-fi system. At nearly $600 it’s intended for people with discriminating ears and plenty of cash, or for audio professionals needing a mobile solution.

V-MODA, known for high-end audio accessories, designed the system to encase a smartphone and extend the phone’s built-in battery, while including an amp and digital-to-analog (or DAC) converter.

v-moda vamp verza for samsung galaxy s3

This VAMP VERZA with METALLO Case fits the Galaxy S3, but a Galaxy S4 model will ship soon.

The system includes two parts. First there is the V-MODA METALLO Case. The case interfaces with the other part, the V-MODA VAMP VERZA. The VAMP VERZA connects to an audio source and offers high-end sound as a DAC or head phone amplifier.

The VAMP VERZA works with any 30-pin Apple product, like the iPhone 4S or older iPods and iPads. There’s also a micro-USB cable that will connect to a Samsung Galaxy S4, S3 or any other Android phone or tablet capable of sending audio through the micro-USB cable port. The Lightning adapter connects to the newer iPhone 5, iPad mini or iPad 4th gen. Finally, a regular USB cable will connect to a computer.

See the video from the V-MODA site explaining the system:

The METALLO case is textured steel with a number of colors. The cases fit specific phone models. They now offer iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 cases, and say they will add the Samsung Galaxy S4 “soon”.


The VAMP VERZA comes in orange and white, matte black and black and red. The METALLO Case comes in four colors: red, silver, orange and black.

The VAMP METALLO Case and the VAMP VERZA both are available now for the IPhone or Galaxy S3. The cases cost $101 and will ship in a few weeks. The VAMP VERZA amplifier costs $598. The iPhone 4/4S version of the VAMP costs $550, but is out of stock at the moment.



  1. Julien Muhammed

    03/17/2013 at 7:20 pm

    So what you’re saying is that I have even more reasons to buy the Galaxy S4 and it’s a good thing that I am tracking it on WishPlz because besides it’s existing features it’s just going to get better and better?

  2. Jhun Star

    04/05/2014 at 10:56 pm

    S4 soon? how soon? now I’m struggling between S3 and S4 because of this, I’ve been waiting for the release of S4 metallo case, so how soon will it be? D:

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