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V12 Design To Release Dual Screen Laptop By 2010



Sick of your archaic tablet with its measly single screen? Would you rather use the keyboard space as another viewing area? Did you think OLPC’s version of this dual-screened device looked more like a children’s digital book? Well, your wait might be soon over. In addition to the dual screened OLPC version, V12 has announced that it will release its own iteration as early as 2010 (or 16 months from now). GBM reported on the V12 Design over a year ago as a concept-only device. According to this LAPTOPMag article, V12 produced a concept device 4 years ago and will be working with a US computer company to produce an updated version complete with an OS and regular computer functionality. V12 Design marketed the original idea towards the artist market and its pictures from the first generation version clearly shows how powerful this device could be in the hands of a graphic designer.


Pictures from the updated version were not available, but is said to be of a new style. Who V12 Design is working with is also top secret at the moment. It will incorporate multi-touch and haptic feedback for the virtual keyboard. On top of all this goodness, the V12 will double up as an e-reader, with simple finger swipes to turn the page.

As a student, this device would be ideal! I envision being able to take notes on the bottom screen while having reference material on the top screen. I would no longer need my extended desktop setup while writing research reports at home. While on the road, I won’t have to toggle back and forth between OneNote and PubMed articles. I might have to delay completing my degree until 2010 just to use this! Ok, maybe not. 

Seeing what looks like Photoshop on the prototype model above really drives home this design’s functionality. On top of that, you won’t be carrying around a lime-green toy-looking device for your dual screened needs.

I hope V12 Design incorporates a convertible tablet form factor for this device, or at least offer it as a higher-priced version. The ability to transform from a dual screen laptop to a slate tablet would be universally appreciated, I think.

How would you use this machine?



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