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Valups Tivizen Receiver Brings Digital TV to iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch



If you want mobile digital TV while on the go, Valups’s Tivizen receiver aims to deliver with a tiny dock connector dongle and flexible antenna that will be able to pick up live, local broadcast digital TV signals. The Tivizen receiver itself comes with a rechargeable battery that delivers 2.5 hours of mobile digital TV playback so you won’t have to drain down your iPhone or iPad battery. The receiver picks up Mobile DTV signal, which is now being used by about 70 broadcasters throughout the U.S.
Availability will come in June for the Tivizen iUS-100 for the retail price of $99.

This new model is an improvement over previous model, which is a separate WiFi device that connected to your iOS device, much like how a MiFi router would work, except for digital TV signal. The compact form factor–about the size of a camera dock connector kit for the iPad, adds to the versatility of this mobile accessory.


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