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Vassar Tablet PC Video Series



Vassar College has put together a great series of videos on how they have used Tablet PCs out in the field.   There are 5 videos in the series covering a range of areas related to using their Tablet PC’s in the field.   All the HP Tablet PC’s were a part of a grant that was awarded to Vasser last year by the HP Philanthropy & Education fund.   Check out each of the videos — it’s a very cool what they did, but as a GIS guy, I might be a little biased :)

Make sure and keep up with all that Vasser is doing with their Tablet PC’s over on Meg’s blog.

The longer of the 5 videos is below — check out the rest on the YouTube Channel for the project.

Technology in the Field: Vassar College and Tablet PCs from Meg Stewart on Vimeo.

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