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Vegas Craziness



RioWhat happens when you put a bunch of geeks into an adult fantasy land like Las Vegas with a night to kill? Silliness that’s what. Tonight after Day 1 at the Vista Labs, we all headed for dinner and a show with Tony and Tina’s Wedding at the Rio. Before entering the show we were treated to an indoor sky show at the Rio where steamboats, hot air balloons, Winged Horses, and cages filled with dancing girls circled over our heads on tracks. Impressive. The show was quite fun and I’m sure an incriminating picture of your truly will end up on the pages of GBM as soon as someone else can get to blogging. Quite fun and quite a nice time bonding with some fellow Microsoft MVPs. Great fun hanging out with James Kendrick, Trevor Claiborne, Fritz Switzer, and the rest of the gang.

Tomorrow is the second day of the Vista Labs and then the Bill Gates Keynote in the evening. So I’m sure we’ll have plenty to blog about after that is over and before the show really kicks off on Monday morning. Oh, and we desperately need Matt to get here to keep all of our minds on work and soon.

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