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Vehicle Lock Prevents Distracted Driving



ORIGOsafe has created a new device that could easily be adopted by state and local governments a deterrent for people who text while driving. It’s been shown that texting while driving can make you more of a dangerous driver than a drunk driver. Right now, if you are cited for a texting while driving violation, you are given a fine. But if you are arrested of driving under the influence of alcohol, you can be subjected to a vehicle ignition lock that requires you to blow into a breathalyzer to start the vehicle. Utilizing that same line of reasoning, ORIGOsafe has created a dock that will only allow a car to be started if a cell phone is inserted into the locking mechanism in the car.

Targeted towards parents who want to be absolutely sure that their children are not texting while driving, or owners of commercial fleets who want to ensure driver compliance, the ORIGOsafe prevents vehicle starting unless the phone is inserted and out of usage range of the driver. Since accessing the cell phone might be critical during the driving process, the phone can be removed and an alarm will sound (but the vehicle will not stop). However, in order for the vehicle to be started the next time, the phone must be inserted and an authorized administrator must enter an access code.

Currently, ORIGOsafe only has support for the Samsung Galaxy S3, but they claim they are working for a dock for all iPhone models and some other devices. Even though this market may seem small, if a law enforcement agency wanted such a device for punishment for texting while driving, ORIGOsafe should be able to quickly bring many versions to market. Also, insurance companies could conceivably offer discounts to people willing to install one of these devices in their vehicle. Increased production would also lower the $279 starting price to make it a more feasible purchase for people.


Functionality of the phone is not restricted over Bluetooth, so using Siri, S Voice Drive or other voice command system in the car is still possible.

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