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Verizon 4G LTE Router With Voice Brings Mobile Broadband to Rural Homes



Verizon’s newest 4G LTE Router With Voice offers many unique benefits by allowing home or business users to connect to Verizon’s mobile network, but chief among them is delivering fast broadband connectivity to areas that aren’t currently wired for DSL, fiber, or cable Internet services.

People living in such areas could turn to Verizon’s robust 4G LTE connectivity footprint to get faster Internet services beyond dial-up speeds and have access to a reliable network. Given Verizon’s large LTE coverage footprint, this should cover plenty of people, both in rural communities as well as more urban metropolises. Verizon promises 5-12 Mbps download speeds and 2-5 Mbps uploads.

And if you’re living in a city already wired for fast home or business Internet, the 4G LTE router, also called MiFi Home as it’s made by Novatel Wireless, could also provide you with plenty of benefits. When added to a Verizon Share Plan, the service will use a 4G SIM card and will allow you to maintain that cellular number wherever you take your modem with you.

Verizon-T1114_AngledRightUnlike Novatel’s mobile Jetpack MiFi units on Verizon’s network, this one is more akin to a home router and modem solution in that it requires the unit to be plugged into the wall for power. As such, the MiFi Home is less mobile, but allows for more functionality, like voice calling features when you plug in a landline telephone. There is also access to 3 Ethernet ports allowing you to connect devices–like laptops and other peripherals–that may not have built-in WiFi; Ethernet connectivity is a feature not offered on mobile hotspot units.

And for those who enjoy the convenience or comfort of using their phone phone system–it is, after all, a bit more ergonomic to hold than a cellular device–you can take this “home number” with you wherever you go.

It comes with caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call holding, three-way calling, 911 services, and voicemail. And though you do need to be plugged into a power outlet for data use, there is a built-in battery that will keep your phone service up in case of a power failure for emergencies. Standby power is rated for 33 hours and the battery is good enough for 4 hours of talk when not connected to a power source.

A touchscreen panel on the device will give you access to important network information as well.

The solution will also be great for people who work in temporary offices, at construction sites or remote field offices where wired connectivity may not be feasible for home or office use.

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