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Verizon Boasting the Power of LTE During Super Bowl XLVIII



Don’t you hate when you’re trying to watch a live broadcast, and it’s not really working out? You might get a lot of buffering and lag while you’re watching it, but Verizon is saying goodbye to that with its LTE Multicast technology.

Since Verizon is a sponsor of Super Bowl XLVIII, the carrier is getting a lot of exposure in New York and New Jersey and is taking that opportunity to show off LTE Multicast, which takes live content and beams it straight to your device, bypassing all of the networking hoopla using its own set of cellular towers. This, effectively, cuts down on congestion when there are a lot of users hogging LTE towers, so your stream won’t get interrupted.

The app allows you to watch four live streams at once, and you can tap on a specific one to make it full screen. There’s also stats integration directly from that gives you information on players and what they’ve been up to during the game. Engadget demonstrates the technology below:

What’s perhaps the best feature of LTE Multicast is that it won’t count against your data cap, since the technology is independent of what your service plan uses.

Of course, it’s only available as a demo right now, so not just anyone can begin using it. Verizon is keeping the technology close to its chest during the Super Bowl, but is allowing folks to come stop by and check it out at the carrier’s booth in Bryant Park.

However, as far as when Multicast will come to the market, Verizon says that it’ll arrive at some point during the first half of this year, although no specific timeframe was mentioned. It’s also still up in the air as far as what pricing will be like and what devices will be supported, but we should find that out sooner or later.

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