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Verizon Confirms Tiered Data Plans Coming July 7



Verizon, according to the folks at Fierce Wireless, has confirmed that the leaks were correct and tiered data plans will arrive on July 7. This marks the end of unlimited data for new Verizon customers, as the highest capped plan is for 10 GB of data per month.

Existing customers, however, will be grandfathered in and can keep unlimited data even if they upgrade after July 7. This will likely be for a limited time, but no cutoff period has been specified.

The tiered Verizon data plan options for new customers are as follows:

  • $10 for 75 MB per month
  • $30 for 2 GB
  • $50 for 5 GB
  • $80 for 10 GB
  • Overage charge: $10 per GB of data
While most people should be in the clear for the $30 plan, things can start adding up quickly for users who are accustomed to streaming apps like Pandora or Netflix, or who like to download large files on the go.
If you’re not currently a Verizon customer and have been thinking about switching, you may want to think about doing that before this Thursday.


  1. King1

    07/05/2011 at 6:15 pm

    wow bull shit! at&t coming to you!

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