Verizon Delivers $100 Off iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, Note 3 & More
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Verizon Delivers $100 Off iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, Note 3 & More



For the next four days the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 and other top Verizon smartphones are essentially $100 off at select locations for users that open a new line and switch from the competition.

This is not a $100 off the up front price of a specific phone, but it is a $100 bill credit which lets you switch some cash around to basically bring the price of a smartphone on Verizon down by $100.

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To take advantage of this deal you will need to bring a number with you from a competing carrier and open a new line of service. The deal is not at corporate Verizon locations, but instead is a deal available at select Verizon Premium Retailers by asking for it. Right now you cannot go into a Verizon corporate store and get this deal, and price matching is not an option. The deal runs today through December 24th.

Save $100 off top Verizon smartphones.

Save $100 off top Verizon smartphones.

TCC Verizon Premium Retailers are offering this deal to customers that mention they saw the promotion online, and we hear that some other premium retailers may do the same type of promotion. TCC has 800 locations in 28 states, so while it’s not easy for everyone to get in on this deal, there is not a shortage of participating stores.

Assuming you have multiple Verizon locations in your town, some are very likely premium retailers while others are corporate stores. If you use the Verizon Wireless Store Locator and choose “All Stores” you can see a “Premium Retailer” underneath the store name. If you can’t find a TCC location near you, it may be worth asking about a similar promotion at another Premium Retailer.

Our sources indicate this $100 off promotion will likely expand to other Verizon Wireless Premium retailers. We also hear that it is not a deal that will come to Verizon Corporate stores and that price matching is out.

Sprint is continually running a deal to give switchers a $100 credit when they port a line in, but for many users it makes more sense to switch to Verizon which offers a larger 4G LTE network.

Verizon is also offering a $100 gift card plus the first month payment and activation included when you sing up for a Verizon Next plan. This is available at the corporate Verizon locations. Verizon Next doesn’t require a contract extension, but it does put the user on a payment plan for the full off contract price of a phone. In this case users save $100 in a gift card, $36 in activation fees and roughly $20 to $20 in the first payment. The activation fee and payment appear as a bill credit.

With Verizon Edge users can upgrade as soon as six months after getting a phone, as long as 50% of the phone is paid off and the current phone is in good condition.



  1. kevinduncan

    12/20/2013 at 7:55 am

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  2. Sarah

    12/20/2013 at 11:43 am

    You mean Verizon Edge, not Next?

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