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Verizon Galaxy S3 Update Pulled Due to Signal Issues



Verizon pulled the latest Galaxy S3 update with Multi-Window view support due to connectivity issues that could cause a loss of signal.

The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 update VRBMD3 is no longer available for devices to update to after Verizon discovered the update can cause, “poor to no signal” on phones running the new software.

This update started to roll out on May 29th as an over the air update. This was thought to be the last Samsung Galaxy S3 update to hit before the Android 4.2 update.

Not every Galaxy S4 will experience this issue, but users who do will not be able to reliably make calls or use the internet when not on WiFi, ir if they can the experience will be significantly degraded.

Verizon pulled the Samsung Galaxy S3 multi Window update for poor to no signal issues.

Verizon pulled the Samsung Galaxy S3 multi Window update for poor to no signal issues.

Droid Life reports that Verizon pulled the update and issued a statement to Verizon employees on how to handle the situation. It appears that Verizon may have pulled the Galaxy S3 update on June 6th based on this note.

Verizon is not offering any immediate fix in this note, but the company is working with Samsung to determine a fix. There is no ETA on a fix for the Samsung Galaxy S3 signal issues on the Multi-View update.

Users without a working phone should talk to a Verizon customer representative to see what the company can do for them. There may be a chance of getting a replacement phone if the update rendered the device useless.

There is no simple way to roll back to a previous update. Hopefully Samsung and Verizon are able to expedite a fix for the problem as the latest news points to setbacks for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 update. There are not a lot of details, but a source with a good track record of sharing insider news from Samsung claims TouchWiz, Samsung’s Android skin, is the cause for the delay.

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