Verizon Hints at iPhone 5 Release Date

Verizon’s Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo dropped a hint about the upcoming iPhone 5 release date.

According to CNET, Shammo made the statement during the company’s earnings call today saying that the company could be expecting a big phone to launch during the fourth quarter of this year.

The fourth quarter encompasses October, November and December, which seems to rule out August as a release date for the iPhone 5, a month some rumors pointed to.

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The iPhone 5 release date could come in Q4.

While Shammo’s reference was vague, it was clear that he was hinting at the iPhone 5. He made the statement when discussing why customers did not upgrade in Q2 of this year saying that the cause likely was the constant rumor mill of a new phone coming out in the fourth quarter.

So, this very well could be the timetable that Apple is looking at for the iPhone 5 launch and it’s also possible that this is just when the carriers expect Apple to launch the iPhone 5.

Last year, Apple launched the iPhone 4S in October and Apple is a company that likes to follow yearly cycles. With no announcement at WWDC, October seems like a logical month to drop the next iPhone.

iPhone 5 Rumors

The iPhone 5 is rumored to be a big upgrade over the iPhone 4S. It’s said to include numerous new features including a 4-inch display, NFC support and 4G LTE data speeds.

Our exclusive iPhone 5 engineering samples pointed to a taller iPhone with a possible 4-inch screen.

It’s also rumored to have 1GB of RAM, a quad-core processor, a thin design, a metal backing instead of a glass one and a high-definition front-facing camera for improved video chat.

iPhone 5 Release Date

With Shammo hinting at the iPhone 5’s release in the fourth quarter of this year, it’s looking like Apple will likely launch the device in October.

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Both August and September have been rumored as possible release months but it’s pretty clear that, as of right now, October is the front-runner.