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Verizon HTC One Release Tipped for “Near Future”



The Verizon HTC One will go on sale on Verizon soon according to a well-known HTC insider with a good track record for HTC info.

HTC is playing down the Verizon HTC One, pointing users to the Droid DNA that launched last year, claiming it will make a big deal about the Verizon HTC One when and if it does arrive.

We’ve heard various rumors about the Verizon HTC One release, including reports from this insider that Verizon will launch the HTC One sometime in between Q2 and Q3 2013 and now we’re back with more on when this might happen.

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Today, @LlabTooFeR is back to tease the Verizon HTC One release date with a note on Twitter that it is coming in the near future.

The Verizon HTC One release is tipped as coming soon complete with the HTC One name.

The Verizon HTC One release is tipped as coming soon complete with the HTC One name.

In typical @LlabTooFeR fashion, the tweet is vague on the release and he has yet to respond to any questions about how fast a Verizon HTC One release will arrive or what features users can expect.

Previous rumors indicated the Verizon HTC One could arrive with the Droid DNA 2 name, possibly carrying specs of the HTC Butterfly 2, but @LlabTooFeR claims the device will come to Verizon as the HTC One.

As we shared recently, the Verizon HTC One could also arrive as a similar device called the Droid DNA 2, but this is not in the plans according to this claim. This would be good news for Verizon users who could enjoy the same HTC One as Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile and access to the growing number of HTC One accessories and HTC One cases.

Verizon has an event on the books for May 22nd at CTIA 2013, a wireless industry convention where the carrier has announced phones in the past. There is no evidence to support a May 22nd unveiling for the Verizon HTC One, and it would be very close to the Samsung Verizon Galaxy S4 release, but it is not out of the question.

The Verizon HTC One may not make an appearance on May 22nd, as Verizon is reportedly working on a release for the Nokia Lumia 928, which could time up will with CTIA. There is also talk of a Nexus 4 LTE model that would support Verizon, which if real could show up in May.

Given HTC’s comment on the matter, if a Verizon HTC One does arrive “in near future.”, we should expect a “big deal.”



  1. Tony

    05/08/2013 at 8:18 am

    Near future…that tells us a lot. Sounds like typical HTC telling me my OS update will be in the near future which normally means 9-12 months, if I’m lucky…

  2. Larry

    05/08/2013 at 9:58 am

    To late got mine with t mobile!! The big v sucks anyways

    • lawrencealan

      05/08/2013 at 3:23 pm

      You’ve obviously got no basis for your statement, or extras of the letter “o”.

      • Larry

        05/09/2013 at 6:28 pm

        Yes I do I’ll be specific u ass!! My HTC ONE on t mobile out performed my Verizon iPhone 5 !! There u have it!! Verizon sucks!! Great if you like to spend all your bank account can u hear me now$$$$

        • chyea

          05/13/2013 at 1:32 pm

          You’re an idiot. Verizon is a service not a phone. Verizon’s service and coverage is impeccable and unmatched and its 4g coverage is unmatched. Tmobile is terrible and only good if you find a signal and camp in that spot for the 2 years your stuck with that service. The phone itself is the same across carriers

          • Larry

            05/14/2013 at 8:09 pm

            What kind of name is that duche bag?? Ya if you like your bank account busted u stay Verizon !!! They suck💩💩💩t mobile work and my HTC ONE with t mobile out performed my old Verizon iPhone 5!!! So it’s Verizon and apple so you and Verizon and apple can go screw yourself😆😆😆

          • Larry

            05/14/2013 at 8:12 pm

            Ya why don’t Verizon have the HTC ONE yet ?? They suck that’s why there LTE can’t handle it even sprint and AT&T have it!! Well???? Canu you hear me now?? Good the V sucks!!!!

        • Jo

          05/21/2013 at 4:42 am

          Dear God… This is why I don’t have a religion. It doesn’t make sense that the almighty God would even think of creating a creature like this.

      • Larry

        05/24/2013 at 9:03 am yo mama

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