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Verizon HTC Trophy Shows Up at Best Buy



The oft rumored HTC Trophy for Verizon has been spotted at Best Buy which could mean that a release could be coming at some point in the near future. Or, if the past is any indication, it could mean nothing at all.

Verizon HTC Trophy

There have been several instances where it appeared that Verizon might finally release their first Windows Phone 7 device only to have the HTC Trophy get unofficially delayed. Most recently, we saw that the HTC Trophy’s release had been pushed back to at least May.

And now that it has shown up on Best Buy’s website, there is a very good chance that May might finally be the month that Big Red customers can get their hands on Microsoft’s software.

Best Buy lists the HTC Trophy for an unsubsidized price of $600 which could very well be a placeholder.

Windows Phone 7 has been out on AT&T and T-Mobile for 6 months and Sprint released their version of the HTC 7 Pro called the HTC Arrive which arrived back in March.

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  1. GoodThings2Life

    05/09/2011 at 2:14 am

    I wish they’d bring this to Sprint. I finally had a chance to play with a Samsung Focus this past week, and I’m surprised by how quick and simple it really is.

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