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Verizon iPhone 5S Might Let You Browse and Talk At Same Time



The Verizon iPhone 5S could support simultaneous voice and data to let users browse the web and talk at the same time, but the feature would not be ready at launch.

The Verizon iPhone 5 does not support simultaneous voice and data even though other Verizon smartphones and the AT&T iPhone 5 offer this feature.

While Verizon features a larger 4G LTE network, the network and the iPhone 5 are not able to support voice and data at the same time because the phone does not include the extra antenna needed to do voice and data with current SVLTE technology on Verizon.

VoLTE logoThe good news is that Verizon is working in bringing a new network technology online. VoLTE uses a single antenna in the phone to send voice over 4G LTE, and it is capable of voice and data at the same time.

Verizon confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that VoLTE will be enabled later in 2013, for a full launch in 2014.

With this in mind, the iPhone 5S might be designed to support VoLTE out of the box, even if Verizon customers won’t see the benefit until months after the rumored iPhone 5S summer release.

In addition to letting customers on Verizon talk and surf at the same time, VoLTE is said to deliver better battery life and allow for better sounding phone calls.

Apple has an incentive to support VoLTE as global carriers are building support for it into their networks. PC Mag states that, “VoLTE is the future,” and believes we’ll see more carriers with support in the next two years.

It’s still too early to tell if the Verizon iPhone 5S will support simultaneous voice and data, but the carrier is laying the foundation to support browsing and talking on the iPhone at some point in the future. Users may need to wait for the iPhone 6, to see this realized.

The AT&T iPhone 5 lets users talk and surf on the iPhone 5 at the same time, something the company is bragging about in recent television ads like the one shown below.

The iPhone 5S is the rumored name for Apple’s next iPhone, which could arrive in June or July, months ahead of Apple’s recent fall iPhone release cycle. Rumors point to an iPhone 5S with the same look as the iPhone 5, but possibly with color options like the iPod touch.

Multiple rumors point to an improved camera, possibly similar to the recent Sony 13MP shooter on the Xperia Z and a faster Apple A7 processor.

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