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Verizon iPhones Drop Fewer Calls Than AT&T iPhones



Verizon iPhones are more reliable than AT&T iPhones. According to a survey done by ChangeWave Research and published in PCWorld, for the 90 days ending with March 2011 1.8% of reported experiencing a dropped call compared to 4.8% by AT&T iPhone users. Despite that fact customers on each carrier are equally satisfied with their carrier. 82% of Verizon’s customers using iPhones were “Very Satisfied” versus 80% of those on AT&T.

Dropped calls verizon att iphone4

The survey also covers all phones on the four largest US carriers. Of users of all phones Verizon was first with the lowest percentage and AT&T had the most dropped calls. The ranking is as follows:

  • Verizon – 1.4% with dropped calls
  • T-Mobile – 2.3% with dropped calls
  • Sprint – 2.7% with dropped calls
  • AT&T – 4.6% with dropped calls

This information if accurate proves what AT&T iPhone customers have been saying all along – AT&T is the least reliable carrier. And Verizon is the most reliable. Still, less than 5% experiencing dropped calls isn’t as bad as I would have expected the number to be.

This is good news for Verizon and Apple. It comes after the Verizon iPhone 4 was named the most popular cell phone in February 2011.

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