Verizon Looks to be Getting the iPhone Within the Next Few Weeks. Announcement Expected Tuesday

As I was traveling (and preparing to travel) home from the Great Chicago Pilgrimage and CES 2011 was breaking up, Verizon popped out an invitation to an event scheduled for Tuesday, January 11 in New York City. That opened the floodgates of Verizon iPhone talk and since that time, and well, I’m sure you’ve read all about it. Even the Wall St. Journal has said it’s going to happen.

But in case you haven not, we’ve seen every thing from speculation that Verizon’s version of the iPhone will be the up to now absent white iPhone, to word that Verizon will give iPhone users unlimited data plans, to AT&T firing shots at Verizon. That last one pretty much confirms all the speculation. AT&T is saying that its GSM technology is faster than Verizon’s CDMA and that Verizon iPhone customers won’t be happy with life in the slow lane. That’s nothing short of cheeky given all the fun that AT&T iPhone customers have had to deal with on that network since the iPhone’s introduction.

There are still questions out there, like will Verizon junk up the iPhone with its usual load of software? Will customers be able to access data and make calls at the same time? Given that the big push is on for 4G by all the carriers what does a CDMA version actually mean in the big picture? Is it a CDMA version? With two carriers offering the iPhone in the US, will there be mulitple release schedules or will Apple have to modify its annual new phone schedule? Bottom line is that we all knew it was a matter of time, and the fun of it all will be seeing how the AT&T and Verizon comparisons end up say 3 months after this actually happens.