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Verizon May Offer Double Data Plans for Galaxy Nexus Release Date



Verizon may be offering up a Black Friday deal worth considering — double data allowances without doubling your cost.

A leaked document shows a Double Data Promo on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the latter of which lines up with the presumed Galaxy Nexus release date.

The Double Data promo would reportedly offer double the data allowance for as long as you have the plan, for new customers and new lines. There is some hope that current customers with the tiered data plans will be able to get in on the Double Data Promotion by calling up customer service.

Verizon Double Data Promo Galaxy Nexus

Verizon may offer double the data during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The new data plans would be as follows;

  • 4GB for $30 a month
  • 10GB for $50 a month

This wouldn’t be the first time Verizon offered a limited run data plan promotion. The company has previously offered up data plan discounts on the MiFi for a limited time. It is unclear how the personal hotspot, which start at $50 for 4GB will be affected. If they are included, these would be an even better deal, offering up to 24GB of usage for $100 a month.

The plans aren’t worth switching to if you are still on an unlimited plan, but if you got a new iPhone 4S, and need more data, you should definitely plan on calling up Verizon.

The plan rolls through Cyber Monday, and the calendar shows the Galaxy Nexus launch on that same day, November 28th. This would be a compelling time to purchase the phone, and might cause some lines for an already hotly anticipated device.

With 4G LTE coming to more areas, and speeds still as fast as ever, this is a great deal. If you have a tiered data plan, you should add a reminder to your calendar to call in on Black Friday to get the Double Data Promo. Even with 3G phones like the iPhone 4S, you will be well served to have this on your account since it should stick with you to your next phone. Stay tuned for more details on this promotion.

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